About Me


From very young age, I liked technology and science very much. When I was in the second year on high school, me and two classmates constructed a small electromagnetic engine via a plan we’ve found in an engineering book.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to explain how I didn’t choose to become a Mechanical Engineer. I finally decided to study Computer Science and Ecomonics. Although, I never regret it in my life. My job fits to me 100%, having worked succesfully as a Software Engineer for many many years.

Beside technology and science I like travelling and sport cars. Till now I have visited many beautiful places in Greece.

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I prefer Greece every time I want to rest or when I am on vacation mostly in the summer.

I enjoy using computers and information systems. I have developed many computer applications using commercial or free software packages and many custom web applications and web pages.

I also enjoy working on the Hardware and Networking areas of Computer Science.


At last, the last years I enjoy using Linux Operating System. I usually prefer using Linux Mint at home.

Till now I live in Athens and sometimes I spend my holidays in Nafpaktos, Greece.