SciLab 6

Very interesting scientific software package is SciLab, very competitive to traditional and commercial MatLab.

See a screenshot running on Windows 10:



Χάλκεια Αιτωλοακαρνανίας

C++ Builder Community Edition

A very nice development environment is Embarcadero C++ Builder Community Edition.

Allows development of closs-platform apps using C++ programming language which is scalable, robust and very quick in execution and will never be overcomed in my opinion by any other language.

I show you here a cryptographic app that I have developed in the past using C++ Builder….

I definitely believe that C++ Builder is the best IDE for programming windows apps over the years!

Civil Engineering Software System

Back to 2005-2006, I was teaching students and engineers programming languages.

A student of N.T.U.A. on Civil Engineering Department, Panos, implemented a software system with my scientific help and knowledge which was amazing for the year implemented.

It had full reporting capabilities for domostatic results of the Mathematical Functions used in Word Documents and many many more features.

I depict here the splash screen of the app.

I always wanted my stydents to become much much better scientists and personalities in general than me. This should be the strategic goal for every serious teacher.


Panos Civil Engineering

Panos Civil Engineering

File Sizes Software Utility

I have developed a software utility that takes as input a directory and displays recursively all the subfiles in all subfolders with their sizes in bytes.

You can see demo here. If it sounds interesting feel free to contact me !



In case someone would like to use that software don’t hesitate to contact me and I will send it to you.